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The main objective of NBHC is to place right people at the right place and at the right time, based on the capabilities and potential required to perform a job that will eventually help in achievement of the overall organizational goal. NBHC has a very well planned manpower budget practice that follows a 'systemic approach'.  This includes a detailed analysis of current manpower inventory, making future manpower forecasts and also concentrating on developing & designing employment programs. The traditional tools of recruitment (job portals, database, and consultant sourcing) are utilised in cost-effective ways, however, what the internal 'Employee Referral Scheme' has emerged as one of the best options for recruiting talent.

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Current Openings

Job Code: ASH/2017
Designation: Regional Manager
Location: Pan India
Qualification: Graduate
Experience: 8 to 10 years of relevant experience

Roles & Responsibilities of ASH

  • Assist in business development in all the areas viz. Retail, Corporate Clients, Trade Facilitation and Exchange Operations
  • Executeand controloperations efficiently and as per policies and procedures
  • Warehouse visit and supervision
  • Supervise recruitment and training offield level and regional back-office staff
  • Ensure compliance to statutory requirements of warehousing including legal agreements
  • Ensure appropriate action and closure of all audit observations
  • Ensure that there are no repetitive/persistent irregularities in warehouse operations
  • Assisting in investigationsof disputedmatters
  • Liaison with the Government Officialsand various departments as required
Job Code: CIO/2017
Designation: Associate Manager - Operations (Role: Cluster in Charge)
Location: Pan India
Qualification: Graduate
Experience: 4 to 5 years of relevant experience

Roles & Responsibilities of Cluster in Charge (CIO)

  • Ensure effective functioning and coordination of field and back-office teams
  • Ensure integrity of operations and implementation of various risk mitigation measures
  • Liaison with security agencies for proper deployment and control of security guards
  • Expedite the periodic transfer of Warehouse Supervisors, as per the policy of the Company
  • Ensure proper compilation and timely submission of Warehouse Inspection Reports (WHIR)
  • Monitor the operations required for commodity health up-keep and management
  • Periodic visits to warehouses
  • Collate correct market price for various commodities from the agencies concerned
  • Monthly MIS reporting
  • Manage inventory at WHs in manner in accordance with company SOPs
  • Ensure proper utilization of WH Space
  • Initiate corrective action in respect of irregularities in internal audit
  • Recruitment and training of WH Supervisors/ Samplers
Job Code: CH/2017
Designation: Area Manager
Location: Pan India
Qualification: Graduate
Experience: 4 to 5 years of relevant experience

Roles & Responsibilities of Cluster Head (CH - Business Development)

  • Plan for cluster level business growth in all segments for achieving annual business objectives
  • Undertake the responsibility of hiring, de-hiring and profitable utilization of warehouses
  • Ensure timely collection of receivables from clients
  • Build& maintain healthyclient and partner relationship
  • Responsible for efficient and error free operations at warehouses in the cluster
  • Interaction with external and internal agents depending on requirements of business verticals
  • Risk - mitigation through due diligence of new clients, monitoring of transactions and market intelligence
  • Administration of the cluster office to maintain workplace decorum and discipline
  • Acts as liaison between the cluster office and the state offices
  • Ensure timely and accurate reporting
Job Code: BDO/2017
Designation: Officer / Sr. Officer
Location: Pan India
Qualification: Graduate
Experience: 2 to 4 years of relevant experience

Roles & Responsibilities of Business Development Officer (BDO):

  • Sourcing of new business
  • Ensure effective support to all business verticals
  • Ensuring complete control on 'receivables' and their defined schedules
  • Ensure optimum utilization and profitability of all leased warehouses
  • Take ownership of IT implementation and other related applications as and when directed
  • Assist Cluster Head in preparation and execution of business plans to achieve settargets
  • Ensure that there is consistent growth in business and profitability
Job Code: SP/2017
Designation: Sales Professionals
Location: Pan India
Qualification: MBA-Agri (Full-Time)
Experience: 0-3 years in sales

  • Sourcing of clients for business
  • Ensure 100% utilization of warehouses
  • Maintain good relationship with clients
  • Ensuring complete control on 'receivables' from either the Clients or the Banks
  • Ensuring that all the leased warehouses are optimally utilized at all times and they remain profitable on a month to month basis
  • Assisting Cluster Head in preparation of business plans and execute Business Plan in a manner that the targets are consistently achieved and there is consistent growth in business and profitability