ISO 9001 : 2015 / ISO 22000 : 2005

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NBHC Procomm Inspection & Lab Services is an exclusive consultancy and technical service entailing quality assaying, grading, inspection and certification of a wide-range of agri-commodities. A dedicated team of qualified professionals and technical staff provide services through national and internationally-accredited laboratories. We have the country's largest network of testing facilities for agri-commodities, including dedicated brick-and-mortar labs and mobile labs, enabling us to provide our services from 750+ locations across 19 states. Our testing standards and processes have both national and international certifications and accreditations, making us the only service provider in the country with such highest credentials. Our lead laboratory has been accredited by NABL "India's top quality benchmarking body" and the UK-based GAFTA - an international benchmark for quality testing of agri-commodities.


Word-class customized solutions, greatest speed of execution, most economic packages and a nationwide presence are the cornerstones of our service.

  • Most experienced and qualified experts
    We have one of the largest teams of highly qualified and experienced professionals and technical staff, equipped to cater to specific requirements of a diverse clientele base. Our techno-managers and field personnel come with over 500 man-years of cumulative experience in warehousing and commodity management.

  • Largest network of testing facilities
    We have the country's largest network of commodity testing labs which have been equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. We currently have 42 Quality Assurance Laboratories and over 200 mobile laboratories.

  • Globally-recognised operations and testing standards
    We follow international benchmarks in testing and conform to the requisite national and international standards /regulations in quality assaying of agri-commodities. We are the only service providers in India with two ISO certifications to our credit - ISO 9001 : 2015 for Quality Management System and ISO 22000 : 2005 for Food Safety Management System.

    Our lead laboratory is also the only one in the country to have been accredited by NABL - India's highest quality benchmarking body- and the UK-based GAFTA - an international benchmark for quality testing of agri-commodities.

The NABL accreditation implies that NBHC's laboratories have similar standards followed around the world and its tests are based on international practices and are acceptable worldwide. Our association with London-based Grain and Feed Trade Association (or GAFTA) enables us to conduct quality assaying of agri-commodities meant for export as per the standards laid out by the organization, thus ensuring tradability of the commodity anywhere in the world.


We offer a complete commodity profiling service, which include the following:

  •  Trade and  Export Services:
    • Spot Sampling &Analysis of commodities (backed up by lab reports)
    • Online monitoring of unloading of commodities and weight monitoring
    • Container and rake Loading Inspection

  • Commodity Testing & Certification
    • Agricultural Commodity
    • Raw material
    • Nutritional Labelling of semi-processed & processed food products

  • Processing Plant Services
    • Plant Inspection
    • Survey Inspection

  • System Building for Certification
    • Training and skill enhancements
    • Lab Consultancy for setting and help to run


NBHC Procomm Inspection & Lab Testing Services ensures globally-benchmarked solutions for complete commodity profiling, including comprehensive and customized inspection, testing and certification, on-the-spot primary quality parameter assessment.  Additionally, our clients have the edge of the shortest turnover time, an efficient and guaranteed pre and post-customer service and advance alerts and reminders for quality certificate revalidation.

Terms and Conditions

NBHC Procomm Inspection & Lab Testing Services undertakes the testing of samples, subject to the following terms and conditions

Test Specifications and procedures:

  1. The laboratory will follow only contract specification/s as referred / given by the Customer and applicable on the date of receipt of sample.
  2. In the absence of any such specification, the laboratory has freedom to adopt any appropriate national / international specification.
  3. Laboratory shall always follow Standard Operating Procedures adopted from national / international reference Standards.
  4. Any procedure supplied by customer shall be verified for its veracity before implementation.
  5. Any procedure developed by NBHC Procomm Inspection & Lab Testing Services shall be executed only after due validation. Information of such validation may be shared with genuine customer on request.
  6. The laboratory does not take any responsibility for inconsistency in microbiological test results if sampling is not done by us.

Delivery of Test Report:

  1. As a general rule,  for all samples except those submitted for microbiological tests, laboratory will maintain 3 working days as turn around time. However,  circumstances beyond  control, such as non availability of critical supplies or breakdown of equipment, may result in delay.
  2. In case of delay, laboratory will make all efforts to keep the customer properly informed.
  3. NBHC Procomm Inspection & Lab Testing Services may, if found suitable, divert the sample/s to another appropriate laboratory within their control, whose competence is frequently assessed.

Analysis Fees:

  1. Fees agreed between laboratory and Customer must be paid / credited fully to the laboratory account along with requisition for analysis.

Storage of samples:

  1. Perishable samples and samples received for microbiological testing will be destroyed immediately after testing.
  2. Unspent samples, not accepted for testing for any reasons, will be returned to Customer on written receipt.
  3. The record samples will be retained by us till the validity date of sample unless definite instructions to the contrary are received in the meantime.
  4. If any record sample shows abnormal decomposition during storage, it will be destroyed without any prior consent from the customer.
  5. The laboratory does not take any responsibility for variance in test results if imperceptible deterioration of material takes place for record sample.
  6. Record samples will be stored in a closed room at atmospheric temperature and humidity.
  7. Sample material retained till its validity period will be disposed of totally at discretion of laboratory in charge.


  1. Incase of submitted samples or samples drawn from a warehouse not controlled by NBHC, our Test Report will remain valid for the date and time at inspection only.


  1. NBHC Procomm Inspection & Lab Testing Services maintains strict confidentiality of all the test results and raw data of analysis and will not reveal the information to third party unless required for legal or audit purpose.