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Need for Awareness to Build the Apprenticeship Brand
Posted on 11th October 2018 by Mr. Bharat Pawar, Senior Vice President - Human Resources at National Bulk Handling Corporation

National Bulk Handling Corporation (NBHC) is India’s leading provider of integrated commodity and collateral management services, offering world-class processes and services in procurement, handling, storage and upkeep of collateral and agri-commodities.Read More...

NBHC Kharif Crop Estimates 2018-19 final
Posted on 25th September 2018 by Hanish Kumar Sinha, Head - Research & Development, NBHC

With the Kharif Sowing almost on the verge of completion we at NBHC are releasing our 1st Kharif Crop Estimate - 2018-19. On the Monsoon front, India's monsoon, which irrigates more than half of the country's farmland, is below an earlier forecast of normal showers. Backed by good monsoon rainfall last year India had produced record 284.83 MT of food grains in the 2017-18, this year highly erratic monsoon and its obscure spread may reduce food grain output in the ongoing Kharif season. Read More...

Copper Struggling to Find Stability amidst Increase Global Uncertainty
Posted on 6th August 2018 by Hanish Kumar Sinha,AVP & Head, Research & Development, NBHC

The market is currently struggling to find support amidst the increased threat of a further surge in trade hostilities between the US and China. The U.S. trade fight is getting nastier and it's more likely to escalate. US administration is considering bumping the proposed 10 per cent tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods to 25 per cent which is being considered after Beijing retaliated against the administration's imposition of 25 per cent tariffs on $34 billion in goods. Since China is the largest consumer of copper with over 45 per cent of the global market, any move in creating the uncertain trade environment is going to hamper the overall direction and quantum of trade.Read More...

Structural Deficit in Copper Supplies to Keep Under Current Firm
Posted on 7th May 2018 by

Just two years ago copper was floundering at the lowest level since the global financial crisis. Now the metal often viewed as a barometer of the world economy is heading for its best year since 2010 on bets that miners can’t dig fast enough to keep up with strengthening demand. The copper market continues to be range bound with firm under current as copper concentrate markets are tight and are set to enter into structural deficits.2018 is expected to be another year of significant concentrate shortage with mine supply only growing 1.5 per cent. Read More...

Copper Dips Marginally Amidst Subdued Demand
Posted on 9th April 2018 by Hanish Kumar Sinha,AVP & Head, Research & Development, NBHC

Over the last quarter the copper prices have dipped by about 9 per cent on news of slackening demand from China, though the long term base fundaments still strongly favours the bulls.Strong global economic growth is driving demand for the red metal. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development raised its global growth forecast for 2018 and 2019 to 3.9 per cent from a previous estimate of 3.6 per cent. Read More...

Copper to Gain More Positive Tractions in 2018
Posted on 5th January 2018 by Hanish Kumar Sinha, Head - Research & Development, NBHC

The year 2017 has been quite outstanding for copper and other base metals. In the year 2017, copper demand, especially from China, turned out to be better than expected. China’s housing market proved resilient, while global economic growth also strengthened over the year. Read More...

Copper Going through Extended Consolidation
Posted on 6th December 2017 by Hanish Kumar Sinha, Head - Research & Development, NBHC

Copper market has been consolidating in the broad range on the lower side from the highs. After surging in response to strong Chinese economic data earlier this year, some investors now worry that a slowdown in China - which accounts for ~50 per cent of the world’s copper consumption - could weigh on prices moving forward, and has prompted some short term investors to take chips of the cliff.Read More...

Copper Market Shows Signs of Upsurge amidst Chinese Support
Posted on 7th August 2017 by Hanish Kumar Sinha, Head - Research & Development, NBHC

After months of stagnation the market has shown marginal signs of improvement amidst support from global supply squeeze, Chinese demand and weakening Dollar. Read More...

Investor Keenly Awaits Improvement in Chinese Demand
Posted on 14th July 2017 by Hanish Kumar Sinha, Head - Research & Development, NBHC

The dwindling feature of copper trade continues to linger on amidst lack of concrete demand and unstable global economic developments. The base support for the improvement in the prices is coming from the supply side which is being curtailed by mine strikes and significant production cuts. Read More...