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Information is power. Especially, when it comes to dealing with commodities.Commodities can turn to become a risky investment proposition because they can be affected by eventualities that are difficult, if not impossible, to predict. These include unusual weather patterns, natural disasters, epidemics and man-made disasters. However, by using commodity research information the depositors or business planners can minimise their risk and take well informed decisions. Armed with plentiful information, databases, news and market news flashes, NBHC CommWatch, a research service with its team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, make a serious effort to bring out reports on commodities which explains all the fundamental factors responsible for price variation in a simple and self-explanatory narration.


  • Wide Spectrum of Research Reports
    A systematic commodity depositor has three approachable means to get information about the market. The first is news on commodities, the second is to collect all sorts of fundamental data from the main sources and the third type, which most commodity traders seek, is market commentary. NBHC provides all types of generic and customised commodity research reports as part of advisory service to its clients and associates for empoweringthem to deal with price risk, information risk and physical commodity risks.

  • Quick and Reliable decisions for Clients
    The reports consist of all latest news and fundamental data, along with exclusiveanalytical commentary. Fundamental and technical analysis of commodities, providing accurate prediction for short, medium and long term price outlook of agricultural products, is also provided. These reports can help the clients in deciding the right exchange and hedge instrument, viz. futures (and/or) options, in deciding target price for hedging by linking it with the purchase prices of the commodity in the underlying physical markets and also deciding on the entry / exit strategies from cash & futures markets. Clients are also able to track the prices of relevant commodities in different cash and derivative markets across the world.


  • Comprehensive Data Analysis
    In preparing the research reports,special emphasis is given on covering all specific dimensions of a particular news or data before arriving at conclusions. Details are provided regarding demand and supply of domestic stock, situation of the competitive crops, cropping season - in India as well as other competing countries - quantum of imports, crop stocks in competing countries, price movement in the competing products, global production and direction of exports/imports in major competing countries, changes in the import/export policy by the central government, fluctuations in the energy prices, economic growth, inflation, geo-political concerns, extra-ordinary events (natural & manmade calamities) and also speculation.

  • Types of Reports
    • Daily Commodity Insights
    • Seasonal commodity insights
    • Special report ( Non Agri)
    • Short Industry Report
    • Monsoon Report (During the Monsoon Season)
    • Crop Trend Analysis
    • Pre-budget & post budget analysis
    • Short Report on Policy as and when the event occurs (pertaining to commodity market)
    • Product notes
    • Crop Estimate - Kharif and Rabi

  • Price Polling Reports
    CommWatch also provides Price Polling database for major commodities (mandi wise and variety wise) across major Markets / States, which can be used as the benchmark reference to analyse profitability on investment / exposure in the commodities.

  • Additional Benefits
    NBHC CommWatch service offers various other added benefits to clients, such as:

    • Customised reports on commodity/industry, as and when required, covering all the relevant fundamental and technical affecting the price dynamics.
    • Presence of strong in-house action oriented research team, who can help the client in trading and various risk management strategies.
    • Tracking prices of relevant commodities in different cash and derivative markets across the world.
    • Aid client operations with strategies, strictly within the set operational framework of hedging, besides assisting client in laying down criterion for:
      • Deciding the right exchange and hedge instrument viz. futures
      • Deciding the optimal hedge ratio and thus optimal hedge quantity to be hedged
      • Deciding target price for hedging by linking it with the purchase prices of the commodity
      • Deciding the entry / exit strategies from cash & futures trading platforms
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