NBHC Trade Facilitation service is one of the most efficient and all-encompassing services dealing with every aspect of commodity financing, purchase and sale. NBHC leverages its vast experience and industry network for making commodity trading convenient, economical and less risky. The aim is to ensure quick time financing and simplification of time consuming formalities and procedures involved in facilitating credit as well as purchase and sale of commodities.


  • Well Capitalised
    NBHC's sound financials ensure that customers have access to timely and required capital for procurement of commodities. The quick credit appraisal process ensures that customers do not miss any short term trading opportunities.

  • Procurement & Disposal Strength
    NBHC Trade Facilitation Service is designed to benefit a wide range of clients into commodity trading. Since every detail of commodity buying and selling is taken care of by NBHC, organizations are allowed to concentrate solely on their core business and, thus, better capitalize on their existing strengths.

  • Pan India presence & Ability to leverage networks
    Presence in key customer markets and association with the country's top commodity exchange NCDEX ensures better synergies for cross-selling of commodities, broadens value offering for clients, improves revenue source and assures hassle-free transactions for volume trading. Further, banks stand to benefit by having better liquidation option and also clients are assured of minimal risks for commodities pledged with the banks.


  • End to End Service
    NBHC offers end-to-end solutions for commodity buying and selling -- right from handholding participants through complex rules to procurement and disposal and movement of commodities in a cost effective and efficient manner.

  • Quick and Easy Financing
    Besides ensuring standardized commodity purchases and sale, NBHC also helps in raising funds against sourced commodities and procurement of commodities after a margin payment.

  • Exchange Trade Benefits
    Participants of futures market can benefit from procurement services for assurance of physical delivery on futures platform and trading of dematerialized warehouse receipts.


NBHC Trade Facilitation is one-of its kind service benefitting a wide range of participants - from bulk exporters and traders having large purchase orders, to start-ups or companies undergoing capacity expansion, exchange participants or arbitrageurs , industries that are based away from origin of production or face supply difficulties due to poor procurement network and industries requiring large captive consumption of commodities.

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